We are trying to attract more millennials to ride the damn bus. Millennials stated that they wouldn't mind a long bus ride if it would be “killing two birds with one stone,” i.e. a concert premiere on the bus while riding to some music festival. You see? Tons of possibilities already!
Millennials… well psychologically as consumers are pretty basic. They tend to channel "newly discovered" emotions. They often question their neu-identities while grasping on tightly to old spiritual nostalgia that is not from their time. They are "highly-likely" to succumb to trends of pop-culture pertaining to music and art. Coachella and Burning Man now-a-days attract a b-load of millennials. Fact!
By hosting intimate pre-parties and private concerts during the bus ride allows Greyhound to showcase their new technological improvements: electrical plugs and wifi. Using this modernity to plug in computers, music amps, mics, cell phones, etc. allows a live-stream recording of the in-bus concert to air live while subtlety exploiting the bus' modern amenities for educational and awareness gain over public television.
(subliminal messages and product placements are always welcomed)
The customer experience focuses in on the entire journey from Point A: Bus Stop to Point B: Greyhound’s very own stage.  Possibilities of in-between stops and takeover rest stops are endless. 

This experiential campaign starts with performances on top of a moving Greyhound Bus. This doubles as a publicity stunt and a moving billboard / out-of-home. It then garners earned media and creates social media buzz around rumors of impromptu concerts exclusively for Greyhound passengers. Depending on the festival, city of departure, and arrival, the performances, experience, and hospitality will vary.
Expendables Include:  Branded Travel Kits for in-bus riders.
Branded VR Goggles handed out during our campaign launch, pop-up events, and Greyhound rides prior to the event. This allows customers and fans to enjoy the interactive 4-D VR-360 LiveStream of the concert from the comfort of their own home. To access the the VR footage or LiveStream users would need to download the Greyhound app. This launches an awareness campaign for Greyhounds' new mobile app with it's very own in-app "#rideoutloud" VR 360 live streaming feature.

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